Fall Apart Back Together
Fall Apart Back Together
A Space For Emotional People Who Give A Shit

You’re In The Right Place.


Fall Apart Back Together is a curated space for emotional people who give a shit — about being less harmful to others and the world, about breaking dysfunctional family cycles, about learning to live with emotional health challenges, about looking for humor when it seems elusive.

We talk about lots of different things here, but one thing is always underlying everything: we believe that telling the truth about hard things is essential, healing, and is a radical act of non-compliance.

Hang around here if you’re looking for a space to catch your breath.

Reach out if you need some support.

And don’t forget we’re in this with you, too.


What does Fall Apart Back Together even mean?

We’re so glad you asked. In short? It means real life, embodied.

Let me explain.

Falling apart used to be something I (Emily, the FABT founder and curator) was ashamed of. I used to try and hide my messiness. I tried to act like I had it all figured out, thinking that “fake it ‘til you make it” was possible when healing traumatic emotional pain.

I learned it doesn’t work that way. I learned this by continuously repeating toxic patterns in my relationships and in myself that were making me miserable and were ultimately going to lead to a divorce, working jobs I hated, and damaging my kids in the same ways I was damaged. Coming face-to-face with these truths again and again — that I was missing the lesson by refusing to fall apart all the way — did something to me. And noticing that I came back together after a solid breakdown? That gave me some hope.

Fall Apart Back Together is about curated support for all of the parts of being and becoming — the hard falling apart and the joyful and confusing and sometimes-equally-hard coming back together.

I’m glad you’re here.

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