Hey, you two!

I’m glad you’re here.

I’m glad you’re here because it means you give a shit about each other and the living organism that is your relationship. And because you probably want to understand how to keep choosing each other. And because I’m guessing you know by now that relationships are hard and worthwhile work that simply can not survive without tending.

I admire your desire to continue to grow and change together.

I really, really mean that.

I specialize in working with couples who:

  • Want to develop a shared language around communication in general, and needs expression specifically

  • Want to equalize the dynamic between one other (One partner has been leading the relationship for a long time, and the other is catching up in terms of self-work and internal growth; it’s time for the energy to shift, which brings up many hidden challenges.)

  • Want to navigate newly-discovered or long-ignored sexual identity truths in a safe container (Bisexuality, the potential desire for polyamory.)

  • Are simply in need of an open conversation where some hard things can be said with a third party present to help sort it all out and help things land in a growth-oriented and love-centered place

The three elements that make transformation both possible and repeatable are:

  1. Honest internal assessment

  2. Determining clear intentions

  3. Taking congruent action

These are the three steps that will walk us through our 1.5 hour call together. These elements are essential for each of you to look at individually, and also as a couple.

I work with couples like you for One-Off Sessions and for Six-Week Packages. The details of each option are below.

The Six-Week for Couples:


  • A 1.5 hour call, once a week for six weeks

  • Six detailed and focused video conversations regarding a specific issue with which you are currently seeking growth as a couple

  • A concise final written assessment of our work together for future reference and reflection


— or —
$120.0.00/wk. for six weeks

Note: Because I know self-investment is both essential and sometimes hard to figure out, payment plans are available for everyone, for any work you want to do. If the $120.00/wk. breakdown doesn’t work for you, gimme a shout and we can talk about other ways to make this work.

Still have questions? Check out this page.

The One-Off for Couples:


  • One 1.5 hour phone call

  • A detailed and focused conversation regarding a specific issue with which you are currently seeking growth

  • An action item to take off our call and into your life to help in your continuous joint transformation