I’m so eager to begin our work together.

It’s a big deal that you’ve decided to invest in yourself in this way, and I’m honored to get to get to be a part of your story.

Here’s what’s next:

  • Take a deep breath. This is going to be great.

  • Fill out the form below. This is a must!

  • I adore you already.

In support,

PS: One more thing! Please make sure to have something to both write on and write with when we connect; you’ll likely have at least one thought you want to jot down to remember later. x.

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By checking this box I acknowledge that I am embarking on transformational life coaching work, and that this work is not therapy. I recognize that I am not working with a licensed therapist, and that if I need support managing acute emotional distress, I will reach out to an appropriate mental health or crisis professional in my area. I acknowledge that if through the course of our work together I state a clear intention to kill myself or anyone else, Emily Ballard is legally bound to report this information to the proper authorities in my area. I acknowledge that this work is not intended to support acute emotional distress or ongoing management of mental health symptoms, and I release Emily Ballard from responsibility for the management of my mental and emotional health. I acknowledge that the nature of coaching and other support work is fluid, which in this case means the coach (Emily Ballard) and I (client) may jointly agree to stray from the stated content of the package I have purchased if we feel this is most beneficial for my (client’s) wellbeing; I recognize that this does not equal breach of contract, but a mutually agreed upon shift in direction. Lastly, I recognize that I am agreeing to pay for the package I have signed up for in full. I understand that if I (client) have entered into a payment plan with Emily Ballard, that I (client) may be paying for services rendered *even after* those services were received. I (client) acknowledge that I understand the stated payment arrangement with Emily Ballard, and I agree to the terms. I understand that all coaching packages purchased via Emily Ballard are non-refundable, and that if I (client) cancel a scheduled session more than once, that session will be forfeited. *
Welcome to your standard, required legalese-y statement.