WHAT: The Super Soul Glitter Party, a raucous weekend of emotional connection, real-talk, and soul-searching for gals on the edge of something good.

WHERE: The Austin Motel, Austin, TX.  

WHEN: Friday, September 18, 2015 - Sunday, September, 20, 2015 

WHY: Because we've never experienced anything more powerful than a bunch of women seeing and supporting each other.  Because we need to remember that we're more alike than we realize.  Because some of us need a loving kick in the ass to help get us where we want to go.  Because glitter and parties are motherfucking fun, yo.

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Do you have questions?  
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Qs with our As, right here, for the world to see.

Q. When do things start on Friday?  I'm curious about whether I need to take half a day off.  I'm so excited...I never do anything for myself...this is it!

A. WE'RE SO EXCITED, TOO!  Investing in ourselves is way more necessary than we realize.  We'll talk about this at the SSGP...:).  Now, onto the answer to your question...

Yes - you should plan to take half of the day off.  As we get closer to September, we'll be posting a detailed timeline. Room check-in begins at 3:00.  (Though you can be sure Emily will be there way earlier than that, puttering around and smiling nervously and giddily at everyone who looks at her.  Sabrina will pretend this isn't annoying.)  Official Super Soul Glitter events will begin sometime around 4:00.

Q. How many people are in the shared rooms?

A. Two.  

Q. Would it be possible to purchase retreat access only?  Or would staying off-site take away from the experience?

A. We considered offering a "day pass" for folks who might want to commute, but because so many of our events are going to happen at the Austin Motel - and because so much of the magic of retreat events like this happens unexpectedly - we decided to ask all participants to stay on-site, and so a off-site, "retreat-only" packages aren't available this time around.

Q. I somehow stumbled across your writing on FB a few months ago because I think we have some mutual friends (!) in common. I'm totally intrigued with the Super Soul Glitter Party. What are you thinking of doing for the Saturday morning workshop? I'd love to learn just a little more about it. Part of me is ready to surrender and know nothing but the other part of me is super curious before I sign up... 

A. Hey, girl!  I'm so glad you wrote!  I totally get where you're coming from and am happy to elaborate a bit. 

So here's the shell:

Friday evening is arrival.  We can check in at 3:00, and swarm around each other and be nervous and excited and settle in.  Around 6:00 we'll gather and have an opening ceremony of sorts.  We'll introduce ourselves, we'll begin to chat.  The details of this are still forming, but you get the idea.    

Saturday is the meat of the thing in terms of the work.  We're going to go deep quickly.  There will be writing to get us started, and lots of sharing and talking-it-out about what's working in our lives and what isn't, and what fears - specifically - we need to let go of to be able to move freely toward our goals and the lives that we truly want for ourselves.  We'll talk about our shame.  We'll talk about our hurt.   We'll talk about our fear. 

And then we'll give each other the kicks in the ass that we need to remember that while shame and hurt and fear are real, it's up to us how we react to those things.  I believe that personal accountability is it, and so this workshop is all about identifying what isn't working and figuring out how to change it.  Period.  

Then a break, probably for an hour mid-Saturday.  And then resuming until evening, when we'll then get gussied up and head out into the world with our feelings of connection and empowerment written all over our faces, to eat and drink and dance and be just so in love with each other.

Sunday morning we'll have breakfast brought in and conduct our closing ceremony.  And yes, I'll come up with a way cooler way to say "opening and closing ceremony".   

So, writing and talking.  Sharing our deepest truths.  Challenging each other with ultimate love.  Witnessing each other.

You know, the good stuff.

Q. I'm not a huge blog follower of any kind, but I've thoroughly enjoyed the posts of yours that I have seen. I love the idea of all of what you have proposed - I treasure leading and being a part of ceremonies, love going deep and getting real with all people (and especially kick ass women), and my costume box is overflowing. 

My question has to do with facilitation. I was curious if you have done anything like this before, in terms of holding space or guiding this kind of journey for others. I don't mean for my question to sound like an inquisition or challenge in any way, I have totally faith in you without even knowing you! But I also know that while we each must choose and own our own journeys and process, your guidance and leadership sets an important - and safe - tone. I love all the ways you describe yourself on your website, and the nerd in me would still just value knowing more about your background.

A. Thank you so much for writing!  I value questions like this so much - they force me to own who and what I am, and to be clear about what I'm not.  So, thank you.

First, I want to make this very clear: my B.A. is in English - decidedly not therapy, facilitation, social work, or any other official-sounding field in terms of creating an event like this.  My desire to create and hold space stems purely from my desire to have and create the experiences I crave.  I've gone to intensives and workshops in the past, and have come away with insights, yes, but have also craved something that felt lacking: true participation and interaction from all group members.  I want to know who I'm shifting with.  I want to hear other people's stories.  I want to know that, really, I'm not that different from the gal facilitating.  I want her to hold the map, but I want to create my own route - does that make any sense?

A few years ago, after attending a weekend-long intensive in Las Vegas (what a weird place to go for soul-shifting!), I created You Already Know, a day-long workshop.  I received excellent feedback from that event, and noticed that the thing people seemed to like the most was the introduction piece - we spent four hours on introductions alone!; people wanted to tell their stories.  I did one more YAK with a similar format, except I kept the intros shorter.  After, the feedback I received was that people would have liked to incorporate more writing exercises and more sharing - essentially, they wanted me to talk less and interact with each other more...:).  


That's what I'm planning to make happen at the Super Soul Glitter Party.  Less me and more you.  I've been told by friends, loved ones, and clients that I'm skilled at asking the kinds of questions that provoke self-reflection, and that by being willing to share my fears and shame publicly that others feel more willing and able to do the same.  That's the way I plan to hold space - by setting an example of openness.  

If I can be frank with you (which I'm deciding to be), I'll tell you that it's a huge deal for me to be doing this.  I considered bailing on it because of my fears that I'm a fraud, that I have no business facilitating a 'moment' for women, etc. The idea of someone like you coming, someone who clearly knows the difference between a well-done event and a hack-job?  Well, that's a big deal to me.  It's energizing.  And I want to make something else clear: the Super Soul Glitter Party, should you decide to attend, is as much yours as it is mine.  I want you to bring you.  If I leave a stone unturned?  Please turn it. 

I want to grow from the women around me at the SSGP almost as much as I want them to go home changed. 

Q. Umm...so, the Austin Motel logo is...well, you've noticed it, right?

A. Yes.  We've so totally noticed how phallic the logo is that we actually asked this question ourselves just so we could say hi to the elephant in the room. Hello, elephant.  We see you.