Super Soul Glitter Party + Large Single Room


Super Soul Glitter Party + Large Single Room


We are oh-so very happy to be welcoming you to the Austin Motel in downtown Austin, TX for September's Super Soul Glitter Party.  The vibe is perfect for us - fashionably kitschy, cozily chic, and right in the middle of everything.  (Read: close to coffee and yoga and queso.)

This option gets you a big, huge room to yourself (private bathroom included) plus everything listed below:

  • All meals.  Friday dinner, three squares on Saturday, and breakfast/brunch on Sunday.  And wine.  And snacks.  (Because we need snacks or we get anxious.)  We cover everything.  Unless you require a very specific, fancy espresso concoction (ahem, Emily) or need to make a middle-of-the-night run to the convenience store for Skittles, you will not need pull your wallet out for food all weekend.  Seriously.  We will feed you beautiful, healthy, delicious food.  You will not be hungry.  And it's all included.
  • Your room, for two nights.  You have your room from Friday afternoon until Sunday morning.  It's yours.  Your refuge, your I-need-to-cry-by-myself-for-a-minute space, your primping headquarters for our Saturday night on the town.  You can keep it neat or act a fool - totes up to you.
  • The Super Soul Glitter Party retreat.  This is, of course, the meat of the thing.  The reason we're all getting together.  The part where we get all nervous and then come undone and then get put back together alongside a bunch of strangers who quickly become sisters.  Yes, it really is like that.  Trust us.  You will walk away from the SSGP with  connections you didn't know were possible.  The retreat includes writing, meditation (don't let that scare you away - you don't need to be "good" at meditating, fear not), talking, crying, laughing (a lot), seeing other people for real, and being seen for real.  The Super Soul Glitter Party is designed to catch you as you fall apart.  And it's designed, too, to place a firm, confident hand on your knee while you get put back together.  
  • Swag.  We love swag.  This can not possibly be overstated.  A retreat without swag is no retreat at all.  You'll go home with tokens and reminders of your tine in Austin, things to gently nudge you back to yourself when real life starts to feel too much, too big, too loud.  We take our swag seriously.  Get ready to squeal.  



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We are so damn excited to meet you.

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