It’s almost impossible to describe the feelings I’ve felt over the last three days at the Super Soul Glitter Party. I sat in a circle of accomplished, brilliant, beautiful, soulful women and received some of the most powerful blessings of my lifetime. Not only do I feel unstoppable and affirmed, I feel seen and heard and HELD in ways I never imagined possible.

Thank you my ‪Super Soul Glitter Sisters‬ - I will be forever grateful and changed by the impact you’ve made on my soul this weekend.
— Amber L.
Honest. Empowering. Authentic. Transformative. Affirming.
— Jane S.
I was surprised by what came out and so grateful that I was given the space to share my story and from there, regain some control over how the next chapter will go. It was a soulful, peaceful, delicious and completely transformational life experience. All you have to do is show up, Emily brings her simple magic, and you leave transformed.
— Name Withheld
How has it changed me? I cannot begin to give this transformation justice. Out of the conversations we shared, the trust we surrendered, the support we shouldered, and the tears we shed together, I now hold my head higher with confidence as a woman, mother, wife and professional. I love and appreciate all other women with a new lens bursting with strength, resilience, love, kindness and inner beauty. I am also aware now to areas of my life that are not serving my soul and that has immensely increased my feeling of self-worth.
— Sarah R.
My greatest benefit from the Super Soul Glitter Party was a self awareness. Awareness of my strengths. Awareness of my need to be still with the feelings. Awareness of my need for real non-judgmental friendship. Awareness of my need to forgive myself and be gentler with myself. Awareness that I’m not alone.

When honest women come together without ego, big things happen! Emily facilitated this with such grace. My favorite part was the closing circle when we got the opportunity to “fill” each other up. Second to that were the moments of stillness/meditation when all that we just heard/said could marinate.

I’m eternally grateful!
— Christina J.
This experience showed me love.
— Jodi F.