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Start here, love.

Some words from my feral heart to yours.

I started a blog a a long time ago, and quickly fell into the self-imposed trap of writing superficially - and certainly poorly - because I was striving to come across as someone who knew things. But for years now, all I've really wanted to do was talk to women about the truth.

More and more, I'm seeing this simple fact prove itself again and again: telling the truth leads to release, and release leads to relief and the initiation of healing. It's impossible to become fully who we're meant to be without the support of people who see us for who we really are; it's harder to feel terrified by who we are when other people witness us, nod their heads in empathy and recognition, and show us that we're not alone in our feelings of confusing and embarrassing shame.  

We're under this collective illusion that in order to "make it", in order to be considered successful and worthy, that we need to have it all figured out, wrapped up nice in a pretty, shiny, Instagram-worthy package.

I disagree with fervor and CAPS and wildly gesticulating hands.  

It's simply not real.  

A meaningful reality involves unpacking your shame and uncertainty in order to become an active and conscious member of your community, both locally and globally. It means being willing to learn how to communicate effectively so you can decide to either have a worthwhile relationship with the person you chose, or to move on with love and intention because you know you're both destined for more. A meaningful reality will ask you to elevate, to level-up, and a clear channel for intuitive listening is essential. To achieve that, we need to unpack the emotional clutter we've been carrying around for most of our lives.

we have collectively arrived at a tipping point.

It's time to choose sides: active love or fearful complacency?

Inaction is a choice. And to be people who are engaging in active love, we must do our individual internal work so we can respond to the world around us with clarity, backbone, and intention.

Merideth and I created Restore because we want to support people in seeing themselves in each other. Doing this generates connection, which leads to compassion, which leads to a world that looks a whole lot different than the one we're living in right now.

We want everyone who attends Restore to feel themselves surrender their defenses. We want to see what changes when we are instead filled up with the collective energy of the people surrounding us. When intentional and curious folx gather together, internal knowledge is restored, souls are gently unfurled, and we do nothing less than remember who we really are.

It's real and it's possible and it's perhaps literally never been more essential.