I started a blog a a long time ago, and quickly fell into the self-imposed trap of writing superficially - and certainly poorly - because I was striving to come across as someone who knew things.  

But for two years now, all I've really wanted to do was talk to women about the truth.

Once things got bad enough inside my head - and once I made the decision to share the badness with my readers - that's when everything changed.  That's when you appeared.  That's when I got comments that said, "Oh my God...me, too."  That's when I stopped being scared that my ugly was uglier than anyone else's, and decided to listen to what I knew: that public vulnerability and relentless transparency are my superpowers, and that I want to share those powers with anyone who wants some.

Because more and more, I'm seeing this simple fact prove itself again and again: truth leads to truth.  I'll show you mine if you show me yours.  It's harder to feel terrified by who we are when other people witness us, nod their heads in empathy and recognition, and show us that we're just like them.  

I think it's damn difficult to become fully who we're meant to be without the support of people who see us for who we really are.  We're under this illusion that in order to "make it", in order to be considered successful and worthy, that we need to have it all figured out, wrapped up nice in a pretty, shiny package.

Fuck.  That.  

It's simply not real.  

Reality looks like figuring out how to be the kind of mother you always imagined you'd be.  It means figuring out how to either have a happy marriage with the person you picked, or figuring out how to move on from the relationship because you know you're both destined for more.  It looks like unvacuumed rugs and Chinese take-out and kids watching shows so you can read the thing that's going to get you through the afternoon.

Reality also looks like owning the hell out of our stories, but more importantly, it looks like taking charge of where those stories go.  We can't, of course, always predict what will happen in our lives.

But how we respond?

That is completely in our hands.

And responding from a place of truth ultimately takes us to a place of love which automatically - over time and with conscious decision-making - moves us further and further from fear.  

I created the Super Soul Glitter Movement because I want women to see themselves in each other.  I want every single gal who's there to feel herself fill up with the power of the women surrounding her.  Because that's what happens when intentional and driven women gather together - power is remembered, souls are re-ignited, and we do nothing less than remember who we really are:


And it all starts with the truth.