Here’s what people are saying about the work we’ve done together.


“Talking with Emily felt like talking with an old friend, but better because she was focused on just me! She got to the heart of what I needed help with and was so careful with my feelings. In our hour long phone call, I was able to feel a real shift. Like we figured some stuff out and I actually did a big, scary thing after our conversation. Emily helped me to trust my intuition and to be brave. I have seen quite a few therapist over the years. I honestly wish they had all been Emily. She's so intuitive, caring, relatable, funny and good at what she does, which I think is helping people find their way back home.” — Ashley Sanders, Oklahoma, USA


“Emily was the friend I have been longing to talk to for many years. It was a beautiful hour for me to just feel heard, not crazy, validated and excited for the future. She is incredible, warm, and easy to converse with, and the leeriness I felt surrounding a random internet call [was] completely null and void. I can’t wait to take some action steps and call again. Thank you.” — Kari L., Canada

“Emily is straight up and candid with her feedback and guidance. She excelled in hearing what I shared and was down to earth so very easy to speak to. Judgment free, bullshit free, overall a beneficial talk with a compassionate human. Thank you Emily, you've given me a lot to sit with and think about.” — T.L., Canada