This thing?  Life?

It's supposed to be a hell of a lot of fun.  

Sometimes I forget that.

I try to walk the line where holy meets everyday, where saying "fuck" a lot does not take me out of the spiritual game.

'Cause I'm in the fucking game, y'all.

And here's some straight up truth:

We are here to change the world. 

We are that significant.

I've spent so many years shrinking into the shadow of my own space, reluctantly stepping forward only when necessary (and then analyzing the SHIT out of my actions while out in the light) and then, again, retreating.  

I'm getting burnt out on it, really.  

Asking self-help books and religious believers and gurus and therapists to solve my problems for me, to give me a sparkling life that fulfills me - it's been taking me further and further away from the answers I seek.

Which are, of course, sitting deep inside of me already.

This realization - that I'VE FUCKING GOT THIS - is still seeping in.

I write about what my spiritual path-walk looks like.  About what my experience of becoming unbridled from the notion of "I'm too big a personality to exist fully and reliably in this world" is like, in real time.  I write about wanting to be a great mother, and about my fears that I'm sometimes not as great as I want to be.

My only goal here is to connect us.  It's an "I'll show you my gritty if you show me yours" kind of thing.

Because aren't you just so over this idea that we need to be neat and tidy?  That we should have it all on lockdown?  That we're crazy because we have big emotions and inconvenient because we want and need to express them?  

Yeah, me, too.


Once you're all signed up, prepare to receive a welcome e-mail from me.  This e-mail might be hyper-weepy, hyper-excited, hyper-motivated.  But really, it'll probably be all three.  This work lights my heart right on fire, and so I get pretty big.

The most important part of our initial contact will be the Dive Deep questions.  Since our time together at the intensive is limited, it's essential that we go deep quickly, that we don't indulge our anxiety or bashfulness; you've signed up for this experience because you know you need to tap into your most true, honest, and feeling self - so that's who you need to bring to awaken..  The Dive Deep questions are designed to get you thinking, to maybe make you squirm a bit, and most importantly, to help facilitate a soulful introduction to our group.  

The awaken. yurt is a sacred space.  To ensure that each awaken. experience is completely unique, the yurt goes up and comes down between intensives, each time in a new spot.  Most of our hours are spent inside, including the time we rest; living in short-term community with sisters is soul-altering.  A new space each time, a little bit different each time, equally sacred each time. 

I've always resisted formal religion.  I don't like people telling that I have to believe just-like-this.  (Ironically, since realizing that I need to have a spiritual practice, direct and formalized instruction is exactly what I've wanted.  More on that later.)  And so for years, I completely rejected the word God, as well as the e

“Once the soul awakens, the search begins and you can never go back. From then on, you are inflamed with a special longing that will never again let you linger in the lowlands of complacency and partial fulfillment."

-John O'Donohue, Anam Cara

Each intensive is an organism, a living experience, and so each one will grow a little bit differently.  But the components will almost always include: writing, speaking, questioning, walking, eating, espresso (or tea, if you like), music, laughing, crying (probably lots), swearing (again, maybe lots), hugging, connection-making, and yet a bit more writing.  The groups will vary in size, but will always be small enough - 10 participants or fewer - to allow for full engagement.

The intensives are all-inclusive; meals and accommodations in the yurt are included in the cost.  We often do a fun and fancy dinner on Saturday night, good food and better company being one of life's greatest and most lasting pleasures.  The learning that happens around a full and lively table is wildly engaging.  We're happy to accommodate food sensitivities and preferences.

As an active office supply addict, you best believe I'm going to send you home with some lush materials.  I wouldn't dare ruin the surprise, but just ready yourself for some giddiness when you hold your stack of goodies.  

Now.  This is where my stern Mama face comes out.  Cell phones are not permitted in the yurt.  It's a Cell Free Zone.  This is non-negotiable, friends.  I fully understand that you'll need to be able to check in at home, and that you'll want to be reachable in case of emergency.  I'll detail how this will work in the welcome e-mail.  But it's impossible to truly focus on what matters with our phones distracting us.  I'm sure you understand. 

The beauty of awaken. is that the experience is completely yours; you'll take home as many treasures as you're willing to unearth.  My job is to create the framework and the space, to facilitate, to see you; you're the one who holds the miracles.


Welcome to awaken.. 

You are here to change the world. 

You are that significant.

To awaken to what you've always been.  To take the reigns and begin, once again, as you did w
hen you were small, to unfurl.

No one can hand you miracles, love.

But they do exist.

And they tend to hide under layers of doubt and mountains of questions, beneath pile after pile of opinions.

They hide deep inside of the very essence of what makes us who we are.

Every question, every doubt, every answer you've every sought –

everything sitting right there in your middle.

And your miracle?  Well, it might be the hardest goddamn knowing you’ve ever felt.  It might feel like it's there simply to break you.  

It won't.

Because, damn, girl – the world is desperate for the fire you’ve got burning.