The Six-Week

The three elements that make transformation both possible and repeatable are:

1. Honest internal assessment

2. Determining clear intentions

3. Taking congruent action

These are the three steps that will walk us through our six weeks of work together.

The Six-Week is for you if:

  • You’re familiar with the challenges and benefits that result from doing deep internal work, and are wanting to dig deeper in a more general way

  • You recognize that you are a whole person, that there is no way to parse out the “work you” from the “home you” from the “family you.” You want to look at basic ways to bring the whole of you into congruent alignment.



  • A 1.5 hour call, once a week for six weeks

  • Focused and pointed discussion about::

    1. Relationship to self

    2. Uncovering what needs to change and what’s been emotionally blocked

    3. Achievable action

  • A concise final written assessment of our work together for future reference and reflection


— or —
$90.00/wk. for six weeks

Note: Because I know self-investment is both essential and sometimes hard to figure out, payment plans are available for everyone, for any work you want to do. If the $90/wk. breakdown doesn’t work for you, gimme a shout and we can talk about other ways to make this work.

Still have questions? Check out this page.