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Our values

Or, what we give a shit about.

We are two women who used to reject feeling things because it was too hard and we didn't know how to do it. But we did some work, found some language, and now our lives are devoted to healing our emotional wounds so we can show up for for other people who are afraid, but are ready because they have motherfuckin' work to do.

Our values:

  • Holding clearly boundaried space with compassion and high expectations.

    • When we show up, we show up. We hold deeply healing space where the sharing of well-hidden shame and fear can be spoken, processed, and integrated as something new. Because we hold space with integrity in mind, we expect those we work with to respect that by bringing honesty, vulnerability, and compassion with them into the transformative spaces we create. 

  • Speaking truth to bullshit.

    • We get it - your bullshit is a protective layer that keeps you from facing your pain. We know it's served you and kept you on emotional life support for years. And if you come to work with us, we will see it and we will ask you to set it aside. If setting it aside is really hard for you, we will still push you to; the firmer your grip on your bullshit, the firmer your grip on your pain. 

    • Please note: we speak frankly about racism. We speak to other -isms, too, but we believe that almost every social and emotional scourge we see in America stems from the racism our country was born from. We do not tolerate overt racism in ourselves or others, and we are relentlessly pursuant of the blind spots of our own innate racism; we search for it, speak to it, and work to eradicate it every day. We hold each other to this standard, and we hold all participants of our work to this standard, too. 

  • Inclusion.
    • We're late to the game on inclusion. We're both ashamed of it and aware of it. We started by filling this bullet with of-the-moment, woke white lady speak about how welcoming we are, but quickly realized that doing that was us tokenizing the very people we want to welcome into our spaces.

    • We do everything we can to create welcoming, accessible, and physically and emotionally safe spaces for all. And yet we also realize that we're two cis white women and that many, many people might not feel safe with us and might not trust us. We get that, and we also want to invite you to talk to us about it. Call us out. Ask us questions. Make requests. We want to create spaces and emotional environments that allow you to explore, feel anger, grieve, and move toward whatever you're gearing up to move toward. We don't want women of color or trans women or lesbian women or Muslim women or other non-white women at our events for the optics of it - we want you there if you feel called to share space with us because it will serve you.

    • Sorry we're so stumble-y here. Like we said, we're woefully new to this part of being white women who are trying to do things differently; maybe eloquence will come some day. (We're not counting on it.) 

  • Telling the all the way truth.

    • The truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the gross, uncomfortable, shame-y, hidden, healing, painful, magical, difficult truth.