Your Emotional Accountability Sidekick.

"Someday" is here, love.

Emotional Accountability Sidekick-ing is about emotional awakening.  It's about unfettered resolve to own our past, our present, and to be the change-agents of our future.  It's where straight-talk meets compassion, where ah-ha! melts into natural action.  

It's time to move away from the idea that we're broken because hard things have happened to us.  Let me tell you straight: hard things have happened to everyone.  You are not unique in your pain, hurt, or fear.  As Elizabeth Gilbert said, "Your fear is the least interesting thing about you.  I know this because my fear is the least interesting thing about me."  

Instead of hiding behind fear, or pain, or "this is just the way I am", it's imperative that we become the change our souls are begging for, to lead by example, to do the hard work of realizing that we're accountable to ourselves to be who we want to be in this one, singular life we've been given.

The fundamental themes we'll explore together are:

  • Stepping Away From Victimhood
  • The Beauty of 'Yes' - The Power of 'No'
  • Everyday Transcendence: Following the Signs Back Home
  • Revelatory vs. Reactionary Decision-Making: Intuition and Gut as Holy
  • Discovering Your Soul Work: Finding Meaning in the Day-to-Day
  • Get Witnessed: The Power Of Non-Judgmental Community
  • Transparency: Why Telling Our Stories is the Most Radical Thing We Can Do
  • The Toolbox: Ways to Maintain Forward Momentum

Embracing the concept of personal accountability - and experiencing firsthand the grace and freedom that follows - is the most forward-thinking move we can make in our lives.  


An Emotional Accountability Sidekick is an unconditionally encouraging, relentlessly supportive, keep-you-to-your-self-declared-word partner-in-growth. 

I'll hold you accountable to yourself so you can do what you've stated you want to do.  

Together, we get really clear about what you're feeling, and then I support you through staying with the feelings until they've taught you what you need to learn to make the changes you seek to make.

I'm like the gal who hands out water when you're running a marathon: I know you're in it for the long haul, I can see you need something, and I'm right there to stick my hand out.  


Our first meet-up, either in-person or via Skype (I gotta be able to see those windows to your soul) is two hours long.  This is when you tell me everything: all of the things that scare you about the life you're leading, all of the shame that weighs you down instead of letting you sleep at night, the things you daydream about while sitting at your desk each day.  

You tell me the whole story.  And please: you have to be willing to go there, love.  

If you're not ready to go all the way, that's okay - come back when you're ready.

Gals looking for an Emotional Accountability Sidekick are ready to do the work.  

No bullshitting.  No more reasoned excuses.  You have to be willing to lay it all out there if our work together is going to be change-making.

It's going to be hard.  It's going to be uncomfortable.  You'll probably cry, and I might, too.  

But this is what living is, love.


  • Weekly meet-ups.  These can be done in person, over the phone, or via Skype.  There's so much magic that can happen in person, and so that's ideal.  But I totally get that life happens, and the phone or Skype will be easier for one or both of us sometimes.  Really, it's your preference.  These meet-ups will be an hour long.
  • Unlimited access to me via text and email:  So many things happen on the fly when we're working this intently on our insides.  Having a sidekick to share with in real-time can solidify and affirm thoughts, realizations, and ideas.  Because I want this work to be truly transformative in the everyday life of the women I work with, it's crucial that they get every day support.  To this end, you have text and email access to me all the time.  Because I have a family and professional commitments, I do not keep my phone and laptop open every minute of the day.  This part of the offering is really about you needing to just say something right this second to someone who gets it.  If I can respond immediately, I surely will.  And all missives that have come in on any given day will receive a response before I go to sleep each night so we can start the next day fresh.  


We operate on a sliding scale around here - $50, $70, or $90 per week.  You decide what you can afford.  I want everyone who needs this work to be able to grab hold of it.  Why?  Because my goal is to start a movement - women getting real by getting honest, changing our worlds by realizing that we're in charge of our lives. I want us to start a ripple effect.


  • Truth-seekers, sparkle-lovers, and soul-grabbers
  • Gals who've realized that they're ready to break free from the labels life's bestowed upon them, and instead assign themselves the titles of their own future
  • Mamas emerging from the depths of the all-consuming early years of parenting
  • Creative entrepreneurs or would-be entrepreneurs who are struggling to figure out which of their many passions they should pursue 
  • Anyone contemplating dropping their lofty career so they can pursue the secret passion project they've kept hidden away for far too long
  • Folks who are burnt out on the lackluster, un-excited responses they get from the general populace when they speak openly about their passions, dreams, or desires, and who need to be reminded that their particular breed of truth is, in fact, as radical as they once thought it was
  • Who else?  YOU.

Does any of this describe you?     

  • Sometimes you cry and you don't know why, the bigness in your middle just feels so explosive and bursting.
  • You struggle to put words to your emotions.  They're so big - happy big and sad big - and they swirl around you, moving and becoming new all the time.
  • Up-down-up-down-up-down.  (Where is the middle?  There must be a middle.) 
  • Passionate.  Driven.  Emotional.  Extreme.  Opinionated.  Sensitive.
  • Art - music, paintings, words - undoes you, and is often the trigger for the tears.
  • You strive - you yearn  - to embody the best of yourself, to grow and move forward, always forward.
  • You often appear social, confident, and together.  You often feel cautious, questioning, and messy.

Yeah.  Me, too.

The truth will save us if we tell it.

And goddamn is it a beautiful thing.


Nope.  I'm not.  And I totally don't claim to be.  In fact, I'm a huge proponent of traditional talk-therapy, and consider my therapist to be one of the wisest, most necessary people in my life.  That said, I think that there's a place for all different kinds of support, and that finding someone to witness our experience, who's been in the trenches (and who finds herself there, still, sometimes) can be wildly expanding.  And being humans together - hashing out human experiences - seems like a very, very basic connection that I'd be honored to make with you.  This isn't therapy - it's holding space, it's offering.  This is bearing witness.

My smarts are the street-smarts version of spirituality and personal evolution; I've learned on the fly, through experience.  I live this stuff; becoming personally accountable to myself has made me an expert in my experience.  That doesn't make me an expert on your experience, but that's okay - you're the expert on you, so we're covered there - experts abound, see?  

My B.A. in English comes in handy sometimes, yes, and yet it hasn't better prepared me to listen to my gut.  There isn't a classroom that could have taught me how to deeply feel my feelings.  The things I desire, the things that interest me, the things I want to know - almost all of it is experiential stuff, my love.   

The knowing comes from the living.


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