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What's this

Restore is a weekend retreat (Friday evening - Sunday noon) for womxn designed to be a contained space of loving provocation. We intentionally activate shame to initiate the healing process, necessarily digging into emotional discomfort.

The result?

The creation of new internal space, initial understanding of long-held behavioral patterns, and a basic set of tools to take back to your life that will help you show up more authentically and honestly, allowing you to be the richly emotional and complex person you already are,
just less apologetically and with more focus.

We'll eat food together, do some easy stretching together, and talk a bunch. There will be some writing and the encouragement of creative expression. You'll likely get frustrated with one or both of us - and each other - at times; emotional poking can do that. We're prepared for it, and we already still love you in spite of it.

A more detailed weekend overview will be sent to participants as Restore draws closer.