Super Soul Glitter retreats are weekend-long, luxe-meets-comfort affairs designed to make you feel.  Period.  We want you to come away from a Super Soul Glitter experience with a strong sense of what's possible, clear ideas about what both is and isn't working in the current set-up of your life, and jazzed about the fact that you are the one who has the power to change whatever you feel needs to change.

Please note the wording there: feel needs to change.  This isn't about maintaining the facade of perfection so many of us try to live within.  

Super Soul Glitter is about feeling.  

How does your body feel when you think about your children?  About your relationship with your mother?  How does your body feel when you think about changing some of the ways in which you're parenting your kids?  Or when you think about the self-care you're doing or not doing?  Do you feel resistance?  Do these things feel scary?  Or do you, instead, feel open - a deep and abiding sense of yes?

It really is this simple: if it feels good, keep doing it - if it feels bad, change it.

We're going to map out the things that feel good.  We're going to talk about those things.  And, as a group, we're going to get really, really honest about the things that feel less-than-good, about what we want to see change in our mothering, in our lives and in ourselves.  And then, as if by a miracle, we're going to see that by making positive, self-accountable changes in ourselves, we can ripple that shit out and into the world.

Because the world needs more ripple-makers.  It needs more living-by-example gals who aren't afraid to make the choices that feel good for them, who aren't afraid to own their story and who they are, and who aren't afraid to step fully into their inescapable power.  

We're gonna get down.  We're gonna fly high.  We're going to eat healthy food and trashy food and some of our group might want to sip on wine.  We're going to lounge around in our rooms, talking about the stuff we rarely, if ever, talk about.  We're going to do yoga.  We're going to meditate (yes, you can do it).  We're going to laugh until we cry.  We're going to write in special journals (you're getting swag bags, OBVS) and marvel at the well-hidden truths that emerge on their pages.  

Emotional honesty has always preceded our ability to get as spiritually connected as we want to be.

And this is an emotional-spiritual endeavor.

When you decide to come to a Super Soul Glitter event, come with the knowledge that we're going to go inside.  We're going to talk about the things that scare us.  We're going to talk about the hurts that follow us.  And we're going to talk about the ways in which we feel inadequate, like frauds, undeserving of the splendid things we see around us.  

And once we've started talking about those scary things, once they've emerged into the light, we'll realize how, like magic, they've lost their power.  

And that's where the shift happens - in the in-between.  In the and/both.  In the being seen, reflected, and buoyed by the mirrors - our peers - all around us.  

We will leave our sacred space with ideas, inspiration, calm, and sureness. 

The freedom that enters the room when powerful women gather never fails to astound us.

This is real-life magic, love.