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Are we right
for you?

Restore is for female identifying individuals who want to connect deeply - and for whom the idea of genuine connection is mildly or moderately terrifying. It's for folx who have sensed that hiding behind notions of "I've got this shit on lockdown," is, in reality, isolating.

Restore is for people who want to get real - not fake-real, trendy-real, just-real-enough-but-not-really-real real - we know you know what we mean. It's for those who need to start looking for the initial round of answers to the question, "I can see that I have a great life, but why can't I feel it? I know I'm shutting my eyes to things, but can I survive opening them?"

Restore is for you if you've arrived at a tipping point; you've realized that you must break free from the labels life has bestowed upon you, and are ready to instead assign yourself the titles of your own future.

Does any of this describe you?     

  • Sometimes you cry and you don't know why, the bigness in your middle just feels so explosive and bursting.
  • You struggle to put words to your emotions. They're so big - happy big and sad big - and they swirl around you, moving and becoming new all the time.
  • Up-down-up-down-up-down. (Where is the middle?  There must be a middle.
  • Passionate. Driven. Emotional. Extreme. Opinionated. Sensitive.
  • You strive - you yearn  - to embody the best of yourself, to grow and move forward, always forward.
  • You often appear social, confident, and together.  You often feel cautious, questioning, and messy.

But hang on: does that bulletted list up there also kind of make you hate us a little bit? Because it sounds so basic-self-help and mainstream-women's-empowerment? Because it sounds surface and redundant AF and now you feel like you're waaaaaaay too broken and shame-filled to fit into a group of women who are coming together to talk about feeling like emotional misfits? 

Us, too.

Let's try this. Do you:

  • Know that comparison is "the thief of joy," or whatever, but continue to measure yourself against literally every human being you've ever met?
  • Own and have read all or some of several trendy 'self-help' books but don't understand why you're not fixed yet?
  • Worry that your version of #rawandreal is too raw and too real for the world at large?

We really feel you. Like, really.

We firmly inhabit both of these worlds, the worlds of hating everyone for faking it all the time and simultaneously feeling jealous of their ability to fake it. We're both terrified of seeming like we're too big for our leggings and desperate to claim the space that's rightfully ours.

We're all of the things, too. We hate/love the notion of this work, too. But we don't know how to be in the world without doing this anymore because the scales have tipped and we're just in this now. 

All of this - it's just the truth of the thing.

We love you and your salty, feral heart.

And your shame? It doesn't scare us.