Emily Ballard

Work With Me

Things are feeling yes?
Let’s work together.

I’m eager to support you.

It’s really as simple as that.

Supporting others in the sometimes-grueling, often-energizing of marathon of gaining clarity in communication, boundaries, and alignment is the work I live to do, and I’ll be honored to do it with you.

A few final things to know before you decide if I’m the right fit for you:

  • All calls are video calls conducted via Zoom. You know, just FYI.

  • If you’re a white person who’s considering working with me, it’s essential that you’re engaged in your own anti-racist education. Layla Saad’s Me & White Supremacy Workbook is a good place to start. As a white woman, I am obviously not an anti-racism educator — I pay Black women to teach me and do a lot of self-education — and yet I am a white woman who is actively facing my whiteness. For our work to be effective and to have the intended impact, you need to be doing the same.

  • I offer reduced rates for historically marginalized folx. If this is you, please contact me so we can talk about your specific circumstances and needs.

  • I’m going to challenge you. I’m going to be direct. You will probably get mad at me at least once and that’s perfectly alright. I have a deeply compassionate and empathic heart AND I have high expectations for myself and others. This work is about feeling, ownership, and action. All parts are required for effective change to happen, and if one element is left out, the whole thing starts to fall apart. Decide now if you’re ready to do the work you say you want to do, and then decide if you’re willing to be supported in actually doing it.

So. Still in? Awesome.
Here’s how that can look:

The 5-Call Pack:

  • 5 weekly, hour-long calls

  • $78.00 per session, paid on a recurring, weekly basis

  • Includes: 5 weekly calls, and an end-of-work summary

10-Call Pack:

  • 10 weekly, hour-long calls

  • $68.00 per session, paid on a recurring, weekly basis

  • Includes: 10 weekly calls, biweekly emailed progress reports, and an end-of-work summary

The Ongoing Pack:

  • Ongoing weekly, hour-long calls, minimum of 12

  • $60.00 per session, paid on a recurring, weekly basis

  • Includes: weekly calls, email support to troubleshoot things that pop up for the first 4 weeks of our work together, biweekly emailed progress reports for the first 12 weeks of work together (total of 6 reports), and an end-of-work summary

  • If you decide to continue your work with me beyond 12 sessions, sessions will be automatically billed weekly, with no minimum, until our work is concluded

The One-Off:

  • 1 call that serves a specific need

  • $125.00 per one-and-a-half-hour call, billed in full upon checkout

  • This option is perfect for you if:

    • You’re headed home for a holiday and need support in strategizing ways to maintain boundaries with your family-of-origin

    • You’re in a grid-lock with your partner — the same gridlock you’ve been in countless times before — and you know you’re not communicating as clearly as you could be. You book a call to strategize a clear game plan for your upcoming conversation so you can say what you mean in a way they can hear

    • Your boss is constantly talking to you in ways that bring up “old” feelings (you learned about “old” feelings from your therapist) and you’re looking to script out a conversation you’re feeling ready to have with them

    • NOTE: The One-Off is only available for communications and boundary support, and is not appropriate for alignment support. Please select a Pack if you’re looking for alignment support.

Not seeing your Dream Support Package listed above?
Shoot me a note (<— that’s a link even though it doesn’t look like one) and tell me what you’re thinking.