Acorn To Oak Tree.

I am a searcher. An asker.

Sometimes, a beggar.

I've wanted other people to fix my problems. To give me answers. To tell me which direction was the right direction. Which decision would lead to the other right decisions. I want answers.  I want them quickly.  I want them cleanly.

It's new to be putting as much faith as I can into something else. To be trusting that not knowing the answer is actually the answer. To be ready to believe that I'm the one who can make the right decision that will lead to the next right decision. Or, more correctly, that I'm the one who can put my faith into the thing that will reveal the next right decision. It's a brave, brave new world, this one.

This weekend, I devoured a video of Marianne Williamson speaking at Google. She spoke spirituality in a sometimes-scientific way, which made her ideas so incredibly logical and obvious.  There's an analogy about an acorn becoming an oak tree - the notion that acorn-to-oak-tree equals the acorn's obvious self-actualization, that it knows to become the oak tree in its DNA.  She goes on to state that it's equally written into our DNA for each of us to become our highest-functioning, most fully-realized selves.  Selves who function within the constructs of love, not fear.  Like the acorn knows innately to become the oak tree, we know, underneath all of our layers of story, truth, uncertainty, and fear, that it is possible for us to be destined for - and capable of - transcendent greatness.  The only thing keeping us from going from acorn to oak tree is us.  While we each have doubt and fear and sometimes immense hardship (the facts of life are inescapable), I've been thinking on this theory - of love being the answer to everything - and I truly can't see a hurdle that love can't and wouldn't jump over. 

There are miracles all around us.  

They're inside of us, too.

With a watchful eye for the sprouting of our acorn souls,