Announcing: The Dig Sessions. (Plus, A Sweet Giveaway!)

Last October, I pulled off the road I was driving down and frantically emailed my therapist asking if she had an appointment right now.  

She didn't respond immediately and so I called my friend Susan.  Susan is a presence of such love and light that you almost feel like you're floating when you're around her.  Like, you almost can't believe she's real, she's so good.

So I talked to Susan as I drove home in the rain.  I told her about this book I'd found at the library about mothers and daughters.  I cried as I told her how scared I was that I was, quite by accident, going to completely ruin my daughter simply because I was her mother.  How it was my very nature as a human, my flaws and stumbles, that were going to shape who she became.  

I parked my car and walked, still talking, into my house and up the stairs to my bedroom.  I sat on the edge of the bed, and began to weep.  Like, for serious - this was a heaving, shaking, snotting cry, the kind you save for special occasions.  I could barely speak but was saying everything.  I have no idea what Susan said, but she said everything, too.  

I tell you this, because Susan and I?  We're part of each other's tribe.  She is mine and I am hers.  We're tribeswomen together, and never was the power of space-holding more powerful for me than it was that afternoon.

I didn't need my therapist to guide me toward the solution yet.  That would come later.

What I needed that rainy October day was someone to hear my fears.  To hold the space for my sorrow.  To help me see the reality of who she knows I am.

We dug a bunch of dirt off of my golden center that day, Susan and I, simply because we were there together, doing the often-hard work of being human in the safety zone of our tribe.

It was hard.  I felt so many feelings that I thought I'd crack open.

And then I did.

And it was magic.

This, the need for Tribe and common understanding, is why I've developed The Dig Sessions.

I want to be your tribesperson.  I want the honor of listening to you snot or shake or exclaim your glee.  I want to witness the moment when you think you might crack and then you do and then nothing can ever be the same again, because now you know.

Because that's what happens when we show up for each other.


My loves, The Dig Sessions are here.  

I am bursting.  

I made a little video for you, talking about why I do this work, about why it's so vital to me.  I'm thrilled to announce that I'm giving away one free Dig Session package.  Details about how to enter to win are below the video.  I'm so happy to be gifting this to one of you, and for the gifts you will surely give to me in return, simply by sharing your truthiest truths, your loftiest dreams.

So click, read, share, watch, and get in here.  

Let's start the work and watch everything change.

How To Enter To Win A Free Dig Session

  1. Sign up for my email list.  There are loads of spots to do this on the site.
  2. Share the link to this post on your Facebook wall.
  3. Leave a comment below letting me know that you've signed up, shared, and a little bit about why you're eager to Dig.  I'll choose the recipient of the free session based largely on what you share here, so just show me that beautiful heart of yours.
  4. Done!  
  5. Yay!

Eligibility will end on Friday, April 18th at noon.  The winner will be announced shortly thereafter.  

I love you already,