Intentional Sentiment (The Making [kind of] of A Flutter Sign)

I used to get pretty crafty. I made greeting cards, and sold them in stores. I did this when Isla was an infant, but it tapered off as she grew and needed more of me. Right before she turned one, I felt inspired to make something for her birthday.  She's an April baby, and her birthday always feels like the moment we switch from winter to spring.  I dreamed of a fluttery sign blowing in the wind, and instantly saw, in my mind, the finished product.


It came together easily, with no design or creative problems.  I love that I made it for her first birthday, that we have all of her years stacked thick, from the beginning.  When Osiah was born, it was a joy to be forced into creativity again, to have another physical reminder in the house of the passage of precious, fluttering time.

A friend recently had a baby, and I told her I was going to make her a sign.  Not a birthday sign necessarily, but a sign.  Her girl is a couple of months old now, and it wasn't until today that I knew what I wanted to say to my friend, my friend who's brand-new, too, in a changed, previously unfathomable world: this is love.

I'm planning to open up a shop on this site over the next couple of weeks where you can buy your own birthday, love, or life sign.  All sign will be made to order by me, and will be made with intention, high-quality materials, and lots and lots of gratitude.  So much more information coming soon about these beauties!

Intentional sentiment, friends.  It's a good thing.