Bye For Now, Loves: I'm Stepping Back Into Real Life.

I haven't been this excited in awhile.

I'm sitting in an NYC apartment with my business partner, Sabrina, talking about life and purpose and Super Soul Glitter and what we want for ourselves and the world.

We're talking about words like 'empathy' and 'compassion' and 'audacity'.  We're making fun of words we love and over-use like 'truth' and 'freedom'.  We're writing on huge Post-Its with Sharpies and watching Amy Schumer clips.  

We've got some exciting shit going on.

But the big thing I'm all worked up about is the fact that I'm taking a break from all things Internet-y.  I deleted my Twitter account awhile ago (because what is the point of Twitter?  I never got it.)  I'm officially on a Facebook hiatus, and even deleted my beloved Instagram from my phone. (Reluctantly.  But because I'm easily-addicted, it quickly started to replace Facebook in terms of distraction, time-sucking, and comparison.  No bueno.)

It's time for me to step away from every aspect of online life so I can step fully into real life.

Real life that includes hanging laundry and jumping on the trampoline.  Real life that asks me to ask questions without feeling addicted to reporting back on the sometimes confused, oft-muddled answers.  Real life that looks like printed photos that hang in frames all over my house, not just in an app on my phone.

"You're about to become who you really are," is what my therapist said the other day.  

Obviously I cried.


This blog has served me in ways I never predicted.  I've told you my shames and my secrets and some of you have told me yours.  I've hit 'publish' with shaking hands and you've been there to help me breathe.  The love I feel for this space - and for you - is real.

I'm not sure when I'll feel compelled to post again, or what I'll feel called to write about when I do.  It's not my job to worry about that right now, despite my highly-honed worrying skills.

I'm going to read some books.  I'm going to play tetherball with my kids.  I'm going to meditate and drink espresso on the porch.  I'll keep going to work.  Maybe I'll start cooking again.  Maybe I'll wash the floors.

I'm so excited to see what's out there.  To see what I've been missing.  To feel what I've been avoiding.  Let's just fucking do this, you know?


Because there is nothing real-er than a group of powerhouse, soulful women gathering together, 
Super Soul Glitter Party: Austin, TX is still WAY on.  

I'm a little bit beside myself about how incredible it's going to be to circle up with y'all (see what I did there because TEXAS!?) in real life after a long, rejuvenating break from the interwebs.  I might explode or something.  At the very least, be prepared for me to squeal a lot.

I'll still be checking email, so do send along any SSGP questions you have, or just drop me a note because it's just fun to chat.

I love you and I appreciate you.  Lots and lots.

Come see me and Sabrina in Austin in September!

Sending love and all the really good stuff,