I Said.

I told the lady at the little store where my wares are sold that I'd get her more stock to sell.

I told my husband I'd be more compassionate toward his very human process.

I told my kids I'd stop rushing them about.

I told my dog I'd walk him daily.

I told myself I'd be forgiving with my tender heart.

I said I'd processed the laundry, to ready it for folding.

I said I'd do the work, would buckle down and focus.

I said I'd open the gates to my soul, would allow the divine spirit to enter me completely, that I'd let the boulders wash downriver, would allow the riptides to carry me away.

I said I'd live with integrity. I said my word would matter. I said I'd own it.

So I will bring her wares to sell.

I'll look at him and he'll know what compassion because of how he feels.

We'll make the time to take our time.

I'll walk.

I'll breathe the air of self-patience. I'll stand up straight to make some space.

I'll put the clothes into the dryer.

I'll read the articles and make the outlines.

I will pray.

I will live integrity. My word will be something to touch. I will purchase my missteps outright, will spin them into sparkle.