Holiday Wrap-Up & A Super Soul Glitter Party Registration Freebie!

Hey, loves!

I hope you had a super-great holiday time.  Ours was lovely - so, so lovely.  We were able to get a few really nice gifts for our kids - nothing too spendy, just high-quality toys that teach them things.  And even though the glass cocktail shaker I bought Tim has already been smashed (stainless steel for the WIN, it turns out) he and the kids made me feel pretty special with a stunning, locally-made tunic and some wispy, delicate wooden earrings from our favorite local shops, Pale Circus and LOOT: Found & Made.

But more important than the gifts was the time.  Tim was home with us for a few days.  Our Christmas Day was lazy, yummy, and just so full of easy contentment.  

And we not only got good time with each other, but lots of seriously good moments with our extended family, too: aunts and uncles from Texas, sisters and nieces and special-man-friends from Philadelphia, all sorts of treasured brothers- and sisters-in-law, plus grandparents in CT and NH that can hardly contain how much they love their grandchildren.

We are a fortunate foursome to be sure.

Too, this new calendar year has all of the sparkle of every fresh start.  Even though I know magic can happen any time of year, there really is something electric about new ideas and new goals, new planners and new calendars, .

Though the Super Soul Glitter Party was born last year, our first-ever event will happen this year (March 20-22!), and my excitement about what we're going to do together is becoming difficult to contain.  We will all learn things we didn't know we needed to discover.  We will unveil things we've been hiding way-deep-down.  And we will surely leave Boston changed in ways we can't now predict.

I know that this is true.

And yet something I've been thinking about is how often I've come home from a retreat feeling new, feeling changed, and how easy it can be to lose that spark of possibility.  Re-entry into real life can be jarring; I often feel like, Wait, did that just happen?

I want you to keep thriving.  I want you to keep feeling seen.

And so every single one of you who registers for the Super Soul Glitter Party by February 6 will receive a free 40-minute phone call with moi.

Let's call it your Super Soul Glitter Chat.  

It'll take place in the days and weeks after our event, and let's just say right now that this time is yours.  Want to focus on one really old, really big thing that came up for you at the Super Soul Glitter Party?  Awesome.  Want to dish about how fabulously stylish we all were?  Fun!  Want to strategize ways to implement the things you discovered so you can enhance your life rightthisminute?  Done.

I want the Super Soul Glitter Party to be as long-lasting as we can make it and
as soul-shaking as we can stand.

Let's go.

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