I'm Giving Away A Gorgeous Planner!

I think we've talked before about my planner problem - I'm quite addicted to them.

There is nothing I don't love about a new planner.  They're so full of promise, of certain success, of guaranteed organization.  I can't help but feel hopeful when I get my hands on one, and am constantly on the look-out for a planner that will serve my needs just a little bit more perfectly.

To that end, I've had my eyes on Emily Ley's Simplified Planner for about three years.  Emily is the epitome of Southern grace and hospitality, and I've been completely sucked in by her wit, real-ness, and style.  Her products are, without question, some of the most well-designed I've ever seen.  (This is not a sponsored post.  I just really super like what Emily's throwing down.)

This year, when she came out with a weekly edition of her planner (as opposed to the daily, which I find way too overwhelming), she had me.  I ordered it, and have been carrying it around in my bag for months, despite the fact that the calendar within doesn't begin until January 2015; I just like having it around.

But then, last week, I discovered Passion Planner.  (I told you...this is a thing with me...)  I fell in love all over again.  I'd begun to feel anxious about the lack of "free" space in the Simplified Planner - there's nowhere for me to jot down random, assorted thoughts (I have lots of both random and assorted thoughts), and I began to feel anticipatory constraint.  So when the Passion Planner popped up, and I feasted my eyes on all of the specialty spots for different lists, categories, and notes - well, I ordered it.  It's not here yet, and so I visit the website every few days or so, and just stare at the promise that'll be headed my way once these newly-popular planners are back in stock.

Which leaves me with this pristine, preppy, gold-flecked Emily Ley beauty that needs a home.

And so, it's time for a giveaway, y'all!

unnamed (4).jpg

I even bought the hot pink stretchy band thing with the cute embossed pineapples on it to hold the whole shebang together.  THIS PLANNER COMES WITH ACCESSORIES, GANG.  And it could be yours.  Here's the deal.

To enter into the Simplified Planner Giveaway you've gotta:

1). Sign up for my email list.  There are about 45 places to do that on this site.  Pick one, sign up, and you're done with step one.

2). "Like" my Writer page on Facebook.  The Facebook icon at the bottom of this page will take you there.

3). Share the link for this blog post from that newly-liked Facebook Writer page - not from my personal Facebook page.  

4). Leave a comment here - on the post - letting me know you've done alla that jazz.

Anyone who does all four of these things can be entered into this fun little contest, and I'll be picking a random winner on Tuesday, November 25 around noon.

One note about this otherwise pristine planner: I wrote in the dates for the Super Soul Glitter Party before deciding to do this giveaway.  So whoever gets this pretty little thang will, whether or not they plan to attend the SSGP, get to be reminded of our swanky soul gathering when March rolls around.  


Happy sharing, and I'm so excited to give this beauty a good home!