Is It Time For A Super Soul Glitter Party?

Fuckin' A, you guys.

I spent many, many hours today sitting in my bed, writing. I've written some of my favorite things like that, all propped up and cozy. Sometimes I thrive in my studio, and lately, I thrive in my bed.

So I was up there all day while the kids were in school. I wrote and wrote and edited and deleted and cut and pasted and thought and thought and decided, as I framed the shell of my first women's weekend retreat, that I was creating something DEEP and IMPORTANT and SOUL-ALTERING.

But now, I'm sitting on my couch next to my dog. I just ate a piece of apple pie (that I made tonight, bitches) for dinner. The kids are asleep and Tim probably is, too, and the more I think about this weekend-long event I've been creating the more I think, "Wait. Why the serious face, E? Can't it be meaningful and important and fun? How do I make it all of those things?"

Because here's the thing: I'm pretty much over all of this soul-searching feeling so arduous. Like, I wanna get together and figure out some serious shit, get to the bottom of our fears, witness the hell out of a bunch of brave women - I wanna do that like whoa. But I also want to end up talking about sex while we smoke clandestine cigarettes on the porch and eat queso made with Velveeta, late-night.

I want this thing to be all the things. Which made me wonder if it needs to be big. Like, do we just need to have a big fucking slumber party? I am totally serious here. I'm so, so, so all about inclusion and am, just hours after deciding this baby needed to be tiny, feeling like she needs to be a big fucking monster of a weekend, all hot-pink glitter and disco balls and tears and chills and soul-sister-making. I mean, doesn't that sound like a hell of a lot of fun?

I want to make real change by making real connections, and those are easier to make when we're all just being, well, real. And silly. And vulnerable. And fun. And maybe when we wear cute shoes just because and swear a lot and talk about how scary it is to own our shit or take the leap.

You know how I am about and/both. I want an and/both retreat.

I'll bet that almost every business person out there would tell me that opening my process up like this is some sort of marketing suicide, but we all know how good I am at keeping this kind of thing to myself.

So tell me: should we throw down? A soul revolution? A super soul glitter party? I will plan the ever-loving hell out of it, but I just need to know if you're in - if you are, tell me in the comments.

As I've said before, all I've really ever wanted from this space is for it to connect us.

So let's let it do that.


PS: I'm really inviting YOU.  Yes, you.  Watch this video and let's do this!