Is This Irony, Or Simply Ridiculousness?

So I wrote this little blog post yesterday and was surprised by the response it got.  I figured folks would be all, "Jesus, enough with the parenting worries already, we know it's hard.  Enough."  Instead, people got a little bit "me, too" on me, which always warms my insides.  I don't want all of us to be suffering these same sufferings, but I like it when I'm not alone. 

The thing I failed to mention yesterday: I know, for certain, that the thing that will make my kids most okay is if I'm okay.  If I'm clear and confident, at ease and flowing.  I know this as deep into my middle as I can dig.  And since my obsessive worrying about them and us and everyone's alright-ness is decidedly the opposite of "okay", I'm in the middle of living out the very thing I know will screw my kids up most.



Awareness is the starting point, right?

And change comes next.