Island Post #1

The ocean has called me before, but nothing like this. 

I can almost feel the rope tugging in my middle. 

Watching my children become electric and new and elemental and fully themselves at the shore of such power is something else.

Watching them honor what's before them simply by existing fully in their centers is stunning. 

It makes me wonder how we can not  live by the sea.

The only problem, of course, is that we love where we live; I've already been calculating just how we could bring the Buckle and the Hope and our People with us.   You know, a mass exodus toward the salty air. 

I got an e-mail the other day that said, "Trust the highs." 

Too often, I've trusted the lows, trusted that they were the real truth about me. 

I'm starting to think that maybe that's crazy. 

That maybe a high that brings us closer to the crazy dancing selves that we really are is a high I should put my money on.

Love you,