Island Post #2

How can our bodies hold so much?  

Were we designed to retain so much of our past?  Or have we strayed so far from our most true and central selves that our bodies have simply adjusted, allowing us to maintain firm grips on not only the present, but the past and the future, too? 

I heard someone use the word 'wound-ology'  the other day - the idea that we all speak and think and act in wounds.

I wondered if this was too dramatic, and decided that it isn't

It's our wounds that tell us how to react, how to protect ourselves from having them occur again and again. 

It's our wounds - our fear and need for protection - that spout hateful thoughts when simply love would do.

Wound-ology - our personal and cultural wound-ology - is something worth studying.


Lots of things are moving around in here. 

The ocean is working its magic.