It's Thanksgiving And I Love It.

Every single surface in my kitchen resembles this one right now.


There is dust on the floor and crumbs under everything and the dishwasher needs to be run and who knows what time we'll eat.

But my kids are helping their dad upstairs. They're in the process of moving from one bedroom to another and their voices sound eager and chipper. We have more food than I know what to do with and I spent my morning, in between stuffing-making steps, sending texts to so many people - people I'm thankful for, people I love. I got to think about them, about who they are, about the gifts they bring into my life - and then I got to tell them those things. I swear to you that my eyes teared up every single time I hit 'send'.

Osi took Henry out with me this morning and while Henry did his thing in the field across the street, Osi skipped up and down the road. I sipped my coffee and looked at him and closed my eyes and said, "Thank you."

Happy Thanksgiving to you, my loves,