A Little Love Story.

You know the part of the last post, this post right here, where I said, "I know whether or not I love you or could love you or will love you within five minutes of meeting you."?  A friend that I work with said to me after reading, "I take issue with that.  Isn't the point that we're supposed to love everyone?"  She blew my mind open, this friend, because YES, OF COURSE that's the point.  

The point is to love.  Period end of story.  The point it to know, more than we know anything else, that the only thing we need to know is that we love each other.  It's the place from which we start.  

It's hard and confusing to know that you love people who have hurt you.  It's hard to remember that they have golden middles, too.

But that is our practice: remembering and then loving.

Thank you to every single one of you for making that post the most widely read of my writing career.  And thank you for calling me out when I need to be.  I cherish every single one of you.  

I love you instantly.