My Phone Goes In The Phone Box Now.

When I first stopped drinking, a friend who's also sober asked me what my greatest fear was around alcohol. "That I'll accidentally hurt myself or my children." Extreme? Yes. Truth? Also yes.

When I realized that simply not drinking could eliminate that scenario completely, it blew my mind; as long as I wasn't drinking, I didn't need to carry that fear around anymore.

It was wild, the feeling of freedom. I'd found some air to breathe.

Similarly, I've been thinking about my use of my phone a lot lately, now that I'm in the cell phone world.

I don't text and drive, but I definitely phone and drive and every time that thing's in my hand when I'm driving, I think, "Really?" My father died in a car accident - I often wonder if I'm simply biding my time until another tragedy occurs, as some kind of self-made life story of perpetual sorrow.

And then today, I see this short movie (link below), and think: THIS IS PREVENTABLE TRAGEDY. Just like driving after a few drinks could make all of my worst nightmares my real life, using technology when I'm driving could turn my enchanted life into a hell I don't want to imagine.

So here's my pledge: when I'm driving, my cell phone goes in the glove box. I don't trust myself to keep it in my purse. My life; the lives of my sweet, sweet babies; and your and your and your lives are more important than my brightly colored phone (toy). In the morning, I'll tell those sweet babies about this new pledge, and you can bet your last cent that they'll hold me to it.

Life, real life in the here and now moment, is so, so good, friends.

And it's more important than just about every single thing that's happening on our phones.

The link below will take you about a half hour to watch. Find a half hour.