My Saturday Soul Checklist.

Sometimes I just want a checklist.  So imagine these numbers as little boxes or whatever kind of bullet-list-y style you prefer and let's get to it.  

Here's today's plan for bringing Everyday Transcendence into as much of my day as possible.*

  1. Write.  Sometimes I know I need to write and I don't want to.  I can feel it in my stomach when words need to come out, and I'm always relieved when they do, but sometimes I resist - it feels too hard, too time-consuming, too vulnerable. I can't resist for long though because the physical reaction I have to not writing when I need to is way more annoying than actually sitting down and taking the time to get the words out of my brain space.  This morning, I'm not even sure what I'm going to write, and yet I know I need to and so here I am.  You're welcome, body.
  2. Drink the coffee my husband just made for me.  You guys, this is not a thing that happens.  I usually make my own coffee because I'm controlling about it.  But I asked him if he would and he smiled and said yes and he looks cute when he smiles at me like that and so this morning's coffee is very special.  
  3. Do yoga.  In meditation, my soul has been telling me - without hesitance - that I simply must start a regular yoga practice.  Like, I won't fulfill my reason for being on the planet if I don't.  Since I'm learning to trust what my soul says to me completely, and because not living up to my potential isn't something I'm interested in, it's yoga for me this morning.  

    I recently listened to an interview with Seane Corn that actually changed my life (if you listen to the unedited version, minute 34:00-35:15 made my heart EXPLODE withYes!!!)  Since I'm not independently wealthy yet, going to a yoga studio almost every day for classes is not yet in my budget.  I ordered three of Seane's yoga DVDs from Gaiam and am going to pretend she's in my house with me, just hangin', doing some spiritual exercise.  
  4. Meditate.  I've been listening to my soul every day since the REVEAL retreat a few weeks ago.  It's such a revelation to realize that I now have a way to check in with myself that allows me to fully trust the choices I make; my soul ain't gonna lie to me, you know?  

    I never really "got" the whole altar thing until the retreat.  But then we created one there and I so got it.  It was holy witnessing what each woman literally brought to the table, what it meant for her going into the week and what it had morphed into by the end when we ceremoniously deconstructed it.  So I've created an altar space in my bedroom and when I go into a more formal meditation (that's not, say, in the shower) I sit on my knees there and bask in the glow of my hot pink glittery ceramic owl that's part of the spread.  She's holy, that owl.  Once I settle in and get clear about the question I'm asking (today it's going to be "How can I create more space for Love inside my body?"), there's an almost immediate feeling of expansion and subtle-yet-powerful peace that floods my body.  Five minutes is my plan; it doesn't take long to hear what I need to hear and feel what I want to feel.  As I practice, I'll lengthen my meditations, but for now, I simply want to create the habit.
  5. Loud music.  We're going to drive into town later to go to the farmer's market.  I love the market, yes - the feeling of community, seeing our people, buying fresh food (some of which might rot in our fridge - we do our best.)  But what I really love is the chance for windows-down-music-up that the ride there provides.  The two songs I'm obsessively blasting into my ears lately are Christina Perri's "Burning Gold" and Gwen Stefani's "What You Waiting For?".  Your ears and your inspiration will thank you.
  6. Staying open.  Unexpected things will happen today just like every other day.  It's up to me how I respond to them.  Rarely is something as big a deal as I make it.  So I plan to stay open, smile a lot, take a whole bunch of deep breaths (I sigh a lot not because I'm annoyed but because it feels good), and keep thinking - and saying - thank you.


*This plan may be interrupted by children screaming at each other over whether "My LIttle Pony" or "Jake And The Neverland Pirates" is next.  Which is fine - reality's fair play here.