I'm developing a list of things that are now non-negotiable in my daily life. 

1). A walk.   I do not care if it's 30 degrees or 100 degrees.  This must happen because as soon as my feet start moving beneath me, a steady rhythm of clarity begins to work its way up my shins.  

2). A least 20 minutes of exercise every day.  My body feels good when it feels strong.  My brain feels good when my body feels good.  This is all good.

3). Adequate sleep.  This will be the hardest to achieve, but is so required.  I haven't been well-rested for more than five years, and for the past two, it's been self-inflicted.  Yes, my kids still wake up during the night and interrupt my REM sleep, but I'm also staying up until midnight because I've decided the internet and all of its wondrous distractions are more important and fun than going to bed.  But let's face it, I'm a B in the morning when I've only slept for five hours, so it's eight hours or bust. 

There's no way that sticking to this list of non-negotiables will ever do anything but bring goodness into my life.  This kind of self-care will only enhance the way I feel, and will therefore radiate some goodness into the world I inhabit.  My hope is that, if I'm consciously more generous with myself, I'll be more generous with everyone else, too.

How about you?  What's non-negotiable in your world?