The Best Way To Stop Judging.

My presumptuous, judgmental nature has long been something I've hated about myself.

I thought for years that I could shame it out of me, that if I told myself only assholes judge other people enough times, I'd stop thinking I knew other people's stories.

But judgment doesn't work that way.

We judge because our human minds need to sort things out; we need to make sense of the things we see, especially the confusing things.

And what confuses us most?  Things we don't immediately understand.

I don't normally share videos here on the blog, but this one struck me for a very special reason.

The women in this video did not drop their judgment because they went to years of therapy and suddenly became better, more evolved people.  They didn't drop their judgment because they knew it was wrong.  

They dropped their judgment because they started talking to each other.  

It's almost impossible to hang on to our ideas about who someone is once we're faced with their true story about who they are. Because once we see the real insides of our sisters, we see ourselves.  And we see that we're really not so different after all.  

This is why story-sharing matters to me.  This is why circles of women talking and listening can change the world.