Things You Think About Writing About When You Haven't Really Written About Anything In Kind Of A Really Long Time

  1. How hard it is to start writing anything.
  2. How you probably don't even know how to write anymore.
  3. How amazing other people are at writing.
  4. How maybe getting back on Facebook was just a good excuse to keep not writing because LOOK AT THIS SHINY NEW TOY.
  5. How surprising it is that becoming a full-time administrative assistant in a very corporate industry is making you happy.
  6. How even though you like your new job, you sometimes kind of wish your kids had wanted to homeschool because you miss them.
  7. How insane the idea of homeschooling is because being home all the time schooling your own kids is probably kind of actually insane.
  8. How enlightened you became when you deleted yourself off of Facebook for a few months.
  9. Ha ha ha ha ha.
  10. How it's actually not the job that's making you happy - it's you.
  11. How you're looking for ways to reach for other people and connect again.
  12. How you want to get better at asking for help.
  13. Wait, are you okay at asking for help?  Scans psyche for evidence that goes in either direction.
  14. Laundry.
  15. The psycho-emotional awareness of eight-year-old girls.
  16. How irrational your love for sleep is lately.
  17. Work/life balance.
  18. Ha ha ha ha ha.
  19. No, but seriously - things are actually pretty balanced.
  20. How much you need to sit down and figure out what your kids are going to do all summer while you're at work OH MY GOD CAMP IS SO EXPENSIVE.
  21. How much you wanna hug the necks of the women - YOUR WOMEN - who are still reading this seemingly endless list.
  22. How that's what you've realized - that they + you or you + them is all you want out of the writing or the Facebooking or the whatever-you-decide-to-do-together-ing.  You just want them.
  23. How maybe you'll be able to do this again after all.
  24. Coffee.
  25. Yay.