When Worlds Collide



Please note the massive collision of worlds happening here; my husband's company, Threshold Building Co., is doing a renovation at my home away from home, Hope & Olive, and can I just tell you: having him gone for 16-20 hours a day in order to meet deadline is, like, you know, kinda cray. (How's that for creative punctuation?)

How am I keeping myself sane with a full-time job, two kiddos to love on, a house to maintain, bellies that need to be filled, a dog that needs to pee every so often, and the imminent and thrilling start of a yoga teacher training? I'm so glad you asked!

1). Run the washing machine, even if it's not totally full. I am a washing machine jammer. It drives my husband crazy. I like to fill it to the point where it shakes the whole house when it's wringing the water out. This week? I'm running it constantly in an effort to maintain a status of No Dirty Laundry. I don't know why, but having empty hampers helps me feel sane.

1a). Repeat with the dishwasher.  Except with dishes.  BECAUSE WE JUST NEED CLEAN THINGS, PEOPLE.

2). Let go of the idea that all of that clean laundry is going to be folded anytime soon. I've been climbing into bed at the same time as my kids this week in an effort to rest up for this weekend's yoga teacher training; the laundry just ain't getting folded. But instead of letting the baskets pile up, I'm combining all of the dry laundry into as few baskets as possible, thereby tricking myself into thinking the job will be a cinch when I actually get around to folding, you know, like around Halloween.

3). Remember that you get to drink coffee again tomorrow morning. I am not even kidding: last night I got a shiver down my spine and broke out into a girl-in-love sort of grin when I remembered I was going to get to drink coffee again when I woke up this morning. Coffee Joy really is its own breed of joy.

4). Remember that all those other pesky details seem to work themselves out with a few deep breaths and some gently-relaxed television rules. There's always something to eat and the dog never ends up peeing in the house and some school-night TV never killed anyone.

Pretty sure this right here is what Emily Ley is talking about when she says, "I will hold myself to a standard of grace, not perfection."

Cheers to that, sisters.

Happy Friday, loves!