Let’s get the formalities out of the way:

In 2020, I’ll graduate with my Master’s of Art in Psychology. The psychological theories I most prominently apply in my coaching work are Existential Theory and Humanistic Theory. I’m also a certified Transformation Coach. You can read more about my general philosophies about this work by clicking here and here.

How I Work:

First things first: the most important element of my working style is my intuition. I trust it completely. My intuition guides all of the work I do with my clients, who often uncover unexpected wells of emotional content within themselves as we navigate our way into their stories while following my intuition’s lead. As much as I trust my own intuition, I also encourage my clients to learn to trust and embrace their own; we become a team of intuitive power, working together to uncover, understand,and elevate.

I coach through connection. When I’m on a video call with my clients, I am all in — completely focused and giving them 100% of my energy, knowledge, and emotional capacity.

I do not implement worksheets and other “coachy” activities into my work. I believe the information gathered via these kinds of activities can be more meaningfully collected through intentional conversation.

Why I Work This Way:

I work from a place of values. This means that my work and my life are almost completely integrated, because having a fully integrated life is something I personally value. This means I will often show up on coaching calls in my workout clothes, having gone to the gym just before our call after having dropped my kiddos off at school. This kind of co-prioritization — prioritizing everything that matter to me instead of just one area of my life that matters to me — is how I engage in congruent living. I do not expect everyone to operate this way, as not everyone shares my values. And yet actively engaging in living my values even when they don’t look like everyone else’s is one way that I walk my talk.

Besides me showing up to our calls in gym gear, I might also conduct our sessions from my front porch or from the front seat of my car. While this isn’t typical — I’m usually perched comfortably on a couch — allowing for the possibility that my life circumstances might require me to show up for you in an unexpected place gives me the freedom say yes to all of my life. I look at this way of operating a business as a radical departure from the patriarchal and capitalistic binds of “professionalism,” a ridiculous and unnecessary concept that keeps us bound to systems that don’t serve us, and from honest connection that does.