I’m eager to support you.

It’s really as simple as that.

Supporting others in the grueling and energizing of marathon of gaining clarity about who they’ve been taught to be, who they’ve always been underneath those stories, and how they’ve needed to be seen their whole lives (but haven’t been) is the work I live to do, and I’ll be honored to do it with you.

A few final things to know before you decide if I’m the right fit for you:

  • I do this work for free. Not because I’m deep in self-defeat, nor because I don’t believe it’s worth it — my reasoning is exactly the opposite. I do this work for free because I deeply believe everyone needs this information, whether they can afford to buy it or not, and because I believe that changing the way we connect to and understand emotion is the single most important change we need to change make the world livable in the long-term.

  • I have a deeply compassionate and empathetic heart AND I have high expectations for myself and others. This work is about feeling, ownership, and action — all parts are required for effective change to happen, and if one element is left out, the whole thing starts to fall apart. Decide now if you’re ready to do the work you say you want to do, and then decide if you’re willing to be supported in actually doing it. Note: you must read my personal code before booking a call with me.

Here are some examples of reasons you might want to book a call with me:

  • You’re at a crossroads professionally — you feel like continuing to strive your way up the corporate ladder is killing you, yet you’re terrified of losing the prestige you perceive to come with your title.

  • You yell at your kid all the time and they’re starting to become defiant. You’re at a loss about what you might do differently, because you believe you need your kid to know who’s in charge.

  • You constantly feel like you’re on the verge of tears. You feel like you have a good life, like things are find — it’s confusing that you’re always so emotional.

  • You think you might owe your child and apology and you want to get clear about what’s happening internally for you so you can apologize the right way.

  • You feel like you’re discovering who you really are — like, who you really are — and it’s scaring the shit out of you. You want to talk to someone about the things other people in your life might think are “crazy.”

what’s the structure of the call/what will we do?

On the form you fill out once booking your call, you’ll see a spot where you can tell me what’s going on — what’s causing you to reach out for support, and why this time feels like the right time. Once I know those two things plus the additional information you give me, I’ll be able to get to know you a bit before we talk.

Once on our call, we will talk. You’ll be honest with me and I with you, and we’ll likely quickly enter into a call-and-response sort of verbal dance where ideas and realizations start bouncing back and forth. My hope is that you’ll leave our call with at least one solid a-ha moment partnered with new-found clarity. Depending on your situation and where you’re at in your internal development, there’s a good chance you’ll also walk away with an idea about how to do something differently.

Like the hour we spend together and want to keep consulting with me? Just sign yourself up for another hour that works for you.

This quick and focused work really is about talking through things in order to gain clarity about something specific, and looking for actionable ways to implement that clarity.

If you have other questions you’d like answered, please don’t hesitate to shoot me a note.